Branding & Logo Design

The sum total of emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses that the user encounters because of brand collateral (the form aside) in physical/digital spaces can comfortably sit within what we call brand experience. The most memorable brands succeed in providing the most memorable experiences – this is a simple truth that is as old as these very concepts. These experiences are a result of thoughtful, meaningful design choices – often made by the brand experience design agency that drives decisions behind them. At Elephant, we strive to provide an entire suite of design offerings that succeed in bringing brands to life within spaces & environments, engaging with users and fostering company cultures by building memorable and meaningful experiences like none other.

A Multitude of Brand Experience Design Agency Offerings

The ‘physicality’ of built environments is a figment of the past, especially when we consider the domain of brand experience. Brands themselves are entities beyond what can simply be touched and simultaneously, we must actively rethink what it means to curate, develop and successfully execute a meaningful brand experience. Gone are the days where the logo, a color palette, tonality and visual language would suffice in the creation of a brand experience in a given space.
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